About the audience

Key facts

  • 78% are ABC1
  • 94% own their own property, with 64% of these owning it outright
  • 30% plan to buy a new car in the next two years
  • 71% camp five or more times a year
  • 61% of Club members are planning to camp abroad in the future
  • 96% of members say they would buy outdoor kit this year

How often do they camp?

  • 90% of members camp three or more times a year
  • 71% of caravan owners camp more than five times a year
  • 58% of motorhome owners camp up to four times a year

What do they camp in?

  • 48% of Club members own a caravan – more than 119,000 households
  • 10% of members own a tent or trailer tent*
  • 42% of Club members own a motorhome (largest in the UK)

*Caravan and motorhome members sometimes own a tent as well, this accounts for 52% of our total audience who actively use tents.

Motorhome ownership is the fastest growing area of the Club, up from 20% to 42% between 2006 and 2018. 65% of caravan owners previously owned a tent.

The magazine provides advertisers with a substantial motorhome owning audience.