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The Club website is held in high regard by its visitors – both members and non-members – as the digital hub for all things relating to camping and outdoor leisure.


We offer highly visible MPU positions across the most popular pages.


On the website members and non-members can…


  • Read and contribute campsite reviews for more than 100 Club Sites, 20 Camping in the Forest sites, more than 1,600 Certificated Sites and over 1,100 Listed Sites
  • Book holidays abroad via the Club’s own international travel service
  • Access Membership Services including insurance and breakdown cover
  • Shop in the Club’s dedicated Members’ Marketplace where members can purchase a range of outdoor 
leisure products, gadgets and much more
  • Access technical information along with the latest industry news and find local events and attractions


Website traffic received per month

  • 8.2 million visits
  • 5.9 million unique visits
  • 18 million pages viewed
  • 5.8 mins – average time spent browsing
  • 52% of traffic is from mobiles and tablets